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How to solve common seals

Release time:2017-02-14
Common seals was a kind of tightening seal products, the ordinary steel seal is mainly used in the container terminal, water table, the tank car need to use the steel seals, the use is very extensive a kind of seal products, common lead seal disposable products, with the one cannot use second times, then why do people still have this once common seals without the ordinary letter keys? Because this one-time common seals each having a number, the common seals ordinary letter number two role of a role is to do mark, convenient record of the inquiry, there is also a role is to know the common seals have to be picked, if if wire letter words with key, then this common seals need not meaning, it can be directly used lock instead, this is about a common seals some basic knowledge. Because of the common seal is disposable, so how to solve ordinary letter can be a good lock, do not know the common wire seal and untied the? Here I have a little to common seals experience, is the top clamp one end of the ordinary steel slowly tightness in a can, the common seals to unravel the way I used once, is well solved.