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Electronic seal is required every year maintenance

Release time:2017-02-14

Each meter has a bar code, the one and only available for registration, when applied to the electric meter seals, the handheld device can scan the barcode reading meter reading, and seals on the RFID tag number, form a matching relationship between the two, put it down.

Back to radio or wired transmission mode, put each meter with its RFID label correspondence records into the unified database.

Each year when the meter maintenance, in the demolition of the seal, maintenance personnel can use handheld devices, scan again the meter and electronic seal, the system will automatically compared with previously paired relationship record, if found inconsistent will automatically alarm.

The electronic seal system

Electronic seal system is composed of two parts, software and data acquisition system:

1, the system software is in fact an operating interface and the database. The main storage of electronic seal data information and the information classification. At the same time, including the classification and classification of statistics reports and other functions.

Data terminal 2, data collector is to identify the barcode and RFID tag. Complete the upload and download the label information and relevant data of electric meter information, according to the comparison, and pairing relations to achieve the alarm function.