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Guinox 5211 Resin Dispersion Guinox 5211 Resin Dispersion FINGANOX 4303 MALEIC MODIFIED RESIN FINGANOX 4303 MALEIC MODIFIED RESIN Winlex4101 Rosin Ester Winlex4101 Rosin Ester Fintac2331 Non-Crystallizing Rosin Fintac2331 Non-Crystallizing Rosin

About us

Finjetchemical is a major producer of rosin ester in Southern China, we produce various kinds of rosin ester products, including Penta rosin ester, Glycerol rosin ester, Maleic rosin ester and resin dispersion, our "Winlex" and "Guinox" series are widely used for production of hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives and water-based adhesive for label and tape etc. and the "Finganox" are widely used for the soluble ink and water-based flexographic inks and offset ink, gravure inks. etc.


With the advanced technologies and high quality products, we successfully enter to the international market.
Our high quality sales team, keeping the close cooperation with customers, help customers to solve the problem.