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Finjet chemical industries located in 76-1 tangyuan road,wuzhou city, It is 6 km from national highway 321 and 6 km away from downtown, covers an area of 3300 square meters, having a building area of 4000 square meters, With 55 employees in our factory,we endeavor to the development and production of water-based emulsion and rosin ester deep processing products . our company has pass ISO9001: the 2008 quality management system certification,  has the right to operate import and export.

Our company has the following four production lines:

Annual output of 3,000 tons of rosin ester production line, the main products are: 1) tackifier t applied in the industry adhesive, including pentaerythritol rosin ester Winlex4101, Glycerol rosin ester Winlx4110, liquid rosin ester Winlex4270, not crystalline rosin Fintac2331, super rosin ester Winlex4125, etc.;2)malic acid glycerol rosin ester Finganox4303 and solvent  base rosin ester  Finganox4314 used in the ink and coating industry.

The output of our resin dispersion producing line is 3000 tons per year , the main products are: 1) Guinox series tackifier for water base adhesive ,including rosin ester dispersion Guinox5100, Guinox5860 and Guinox5210;Rosin acid dispersion Guinox5700 and Guinox5790, mixed resin dispersion Guinox H8154,hydrocarbon resin dispersion Guinox H9510 and H9520, etc.2) sizing agents Gacpex series used in the paper industry Guinox8200 and Guinox8500.

The annual output of emulsifier is 1000 tons,which is used as the emulsifier of resin dispersion. The annual output of polymerized rosin is 2000 tons, most of the softening point of which is 95℃.

With its advanced technology and high quality products Finjet chemical enter the world market .The company has a professional sales and service team to maintain a close cooperation with customers and help them solve problems.Our Products are sold to the United States, Japan and the European Union and other developed countries.

About us

Every challenge is not only an opportunity but also a responsibility given by the society. Finjet chemical are very clear that the only reason that we can stand in the market  is because of having advanced thinking, leading technology and excellent quality.In the new century, in the face of the challenge of joining the WTO, the company will seize the opportunity to do its utmost for the development of national industry.